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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Belly Checks

Check Everybelly®!!!! FREE BELLY CHECKS!!!!

You may have a diastasis and not know it! The Tupler Technique® may be the answer to your back problems or your protruding belly. Well, Come and find out for free if your diastasis is affecting you and your life.

We are doing free Belly Checks in Baltimore, MD on Jan 2nd 11-1pm and Jan 11th 5-7pm at the store Soft and Cozy Baby. 3610 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD

If you are wondering if you in fact have a diastasis, but are not sure if you do, or not sure the exact measurement of your separation or, you want to talk to a trained Tupler Technique licensee please come to one of our free Bellychecks!!!

Find out if you have a diastasis, and what you can do for it!!

Sure Signs of diastasis
-you have an outie belly button - common side effect of diastasis
- people constantly ask if you are pregnant and you are not!!
-back problems - your support muscles are comprised when they are separated
- digestive issues - due to intestines being supported by weak connective tissue instead of muscle

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