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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Mom of 4 closes her gap!

 Being involved with Tami's Diastasis class was incredible. I am a mother of 4 kids and I took the class in hopes of strengthening my core and lower back and also flattening my "mommy pooch". I have been in the fitness industry for about 10 years and I thought I knew a lot about "how to get a flat tummy".

 Boy, was I wrong! Tami taught us so much about the do's and don'ts of exercising that I have changed completely how I work out and my results have been amazing! For the last 6-8 weeks I haven't really done anything drastic in my workout routines nor did I starve myself; I just have been using the proper fitness techniques and exercises that she teaches and brought more awareness to my core and how I move in my daily life. 

Those changes combined with part-time tummy splinting, I was able to shed 2 inches off my waist and went from measuring a 5-6 gap in my tummy down to a 1.75!! I had a pair of jeans that literally were falling off me because my pooch went down so much. I feel so great about myself and am motivated to keep this up so I can continue to strengthen my core and move with more strength and confidence in life. 

Thanks so much Tami!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

BOISE, ID   MERIDIAN, ID   NAMPA, ID areas  - Lose Your Mummy Tummy Seminar/Workshop

July 2021 Lose Your Mummy Tummy Seminar/Workshop

Nampa, IDAHO

(all 3 classes included in workshop)

(all 3 classes included in workshop)

Class 1: Saturday July17th (9:00am– 12:00pm)

Class 2: Saturday July 31st 2021 (9am– 11am)

Class 3: Saturday Aug 14th 2021 (9am – 11pm)

Classes held in Nampa, ID  Exact address given upon registration

Cost: $100  Contact Instructor to Register: Tami Huber PT  or text 708 466 7237     *This class is for pregnant, post partum and beyond!!

Day 1 Covers:

  • what is diastasis
  • causes
  • who is affected
  • what to avoid in order to heal
  • Tupler Technique 4 step program
  • how to apply program to your life
  • will test each participant for diastasis  
  • help each participant fit and apply a splint
  • will test for core/muscle activation

  • Day 2
    • we will check progress of diastasis after participant has strengthened for two weeks
    • we will assess and correct muscle activation of the transverse and performance of the core exercises
    • we will assess and  correct form and posture with exercises ad well as technique
    • we will learn how to use the transverse effectively with daily movements and with exercising (stretching ,strengthening arms and legs)
    • we will advance the exercises and learn headlifts and double splinting exercise
  • Day3   
    •   we will critique technique of exercises and posture 
    • continue to learn how to incorporate use of transverse and core with whole body exercises  
    • learn multiple ways and postures to perform exercises
    • review double splinting and headlift techniques
    • recheck diastasis and measure progress

Monday, February 5, 2018

Check out this clip!
Busy mother of Three does Tupler Technique and gets her flat belly back!  Finally feels more like herself again after years of not, re-gains self confidence !

These are simple , gentle exercises that you can do , 10 minutes a couple times a day.

You can do this too!   Feb 3- skype sessions package is 10% off.   Don't wait until summer to get your abs back!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Welcoming our Baby to the world!

So excited to announce the addition of our little one! We always knew we wanted between 3 and 5 kids and now we are THAT family with  FIVE kids!  When trying to get pregnant with baby number three, 6 months of trying seemed like forever!  We finally tried NAET , an allergy elimination technique that reset my body's reaction and ability to process progesterone correctly and ZINC correctly.  That was enough, and my body was able to do the rest.  Apparently I was able to ovulate (cycle is very irregular) and we were pregnant just a couple weeks later.
After our 3rd little girl was born, we decided that we would give my body 11 months to recover and then start trying to get pregnant.  Well, it took over a year this time!  We ended up doing acupuncture so I could get my period going again (it had been 22 months without). Eventually we were pregnant and had our little boy!  We all went gaga over this little boy and still do!  The joy he brings to our family, we can hardly contain.
         This time around, I did not stress.  Even though I was getting older (over that 35 yr mark!), we only had to have 1 more, to have the family we desired, and were in no rush.  I feel so blessed to have the Tupler Technique in my life, because every pregnancy we have had, the recovery has been just that much better each time.  I knew I could get waistline back,  have my core feel strong again, and my keep my pelvic floor in tact if i was consistent with using my transverse. My last 3 pregnancies, I have known, the work I put in to use my transverse muscles and do my exercises, will pay dividens after pregnancy for a super quick recovery.  Using the splint helps healing go faster and it provides great support for the last trimester of pregnancy.
       We have always wanted 5 kids, but knowing what to do for my core health, really takes some pressure off of not knowing how multipler pregnancies will affect my body.  Last January, we saw Kristin Burris of Eagle Acupuncture in Eagle, ID because she is a fertility specialist, and I had had a prompting to get acupuncture done the previous June and that it would be good to start trying to get pregnant.  A couple weeks after my first two sessions, we were pregnant!  What a blessing. We were especially thrilled and feeling very blessed because we had lost a baby a couple months prior and were still mourning that.  Joy filled our void and we could sense this special spirit waiting to join our family.

      This pregnancy did wipe me out a bit in those first months (that did not happen as much my first 3 pregnancies, when I was ages 25,28, and 31), but once I got the proper supplements, and into the 2nd trimester, I got most of my energy back.  I was able to wear the Diastasis Rehab Splint, at night,  during exercise and then often for support during the 3rd trimester.

Wearing the splint, helped keep my rectus abdominals together and the exercises helped keep the muscles strong.  I was able to attend an exercise class 3 times a week throughout the pregnancy, modifying the class to make sure I could keep my transverse engaged with each exercise, and making sure I modified the ab exercises so my shoulders were never coming off the ground.  I also made sure  I was never on all fours, and not doing planks or mountian climbers.  These modifications made sure I did not have unnecessary stress on my connective tissue  (which already is affected during pregnancy with an expanding uterus and increased relaxin hormone circulating).

October 1st we were thrilled to welcome our baby girl Reese Elizabeth 
7lbs 8oz, 21 inches

Straight from heaven!  Feeling so blessed!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our little family (which we just added to in October!) has moved accross the country to Idaho.  A big change for us to live here, but we are enjoying it!   The climate is dry, the mountains are plentiful and the views are endless.  Don't worry, I still see clients from Missouri and Maryland via skype and am able to coach them through with great results.  Please email for skype info.

We are now offering classes in IDAHO!
 (Boise/Meridian/Nampa area)

Want a flat Tummy?  Exercise often but can't get rid of the tummy bulge? Weak feeling core? Come heal your diastasis, lose inches in your waistline and get a flat tummy now!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I have always known that nutrition plays a big part in our health and have been interested in this for the last 12 years. I know this is imperitive to address with my clients and to integrate this into the treatment of every person for the best and most effective healing. But, let's face it, addressing the whole person, and convincing them to change some things, can be: work!  However, if we don't address those things, we are only treating a problem, not the individual as a whole, and the desired affects will not be nearly as wonderful as if we address the person as a whole.   After studying medical Therapeutic Yoga through Ginger Garner's program, I can no longer address any therapy patient or client without adressing nutrition and lifestyle ( including, social support, mental, spiritual health). We have to treat the whole person and look at all aspects of life.
Food has a big role. It can be our safest most effective medicine or our slowest killer.  Even one good meal can start us in the right direction to healing!  We must learn what foods are anti-inflammatory and healing and focus on introducing these and using these in our lifestyle.  No diets, just eat to live!

The other thing I must consider in healing those that suffer from DR is cortisol levels and stress in our lives.  We will always have stressors in our lives, but whether we can step out of our situation and still be in a calm state can and be in a state of higher mindfulness can determine how our body reacts to these stressors, good or bad. Thus, meditation, breathing and mindfulness, even if it is just 2 or 5 minutes a day, can help us tap into our higher self and lower cortisol levels and be in a state of healing instead of constant fight or flight stress.  The tupler technique effectively teaches how to belly breathe, so practice it!!  Take two , five, ten or twenty minutes a day to belly breathe, as  un-distracted as possible. You must take time each day to be still.

Recently posted at couldn't be any more perfect in its timing.  Read more to learn how to get results with nutrition!
Nutrition & Connective Tissue

The body is a “nutrient driven” machine, continuously breaking down and rebuilding connective tissue on a daily basis. This happens in both a state of injury and non-injury.  However, during a state of injury, healing connective tissue requires many more nutrients. Good nutrition is vital as repair places a great demand on the body's stores of existing nutrients.
There is now scientific evidence to support that “nutritional” therapy is a key factor in connective tissue repair. By creating the correct “nutritional environment” we can stimulate new growth and accelerate the repair process. So it is important for people working on closing their diastasis to pay attention to the nutritional component of healing connective tissue.
Along with nutrition, other things to consider are stress, lack of sleep and exposure to environmental toxins. These all affect our hormone levels, resulting in two things:
  1. Increased cortisol.  Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal gland. One of its functions is to inhibit inflammatory and immune responses. This is a problem when healing connective tissue because inflammation is a natural response to injury and it is important to keep it in balance. Meaning, that you do not want to either prevent this process from occurring or have it continue for too long a time. Prolonged inflammation causes pain and dysfunction. Totally stopping inflammation with increased cortisol levels or medication can result in delayed healing.  Vitamin C and zinc are helpful for “control” of inflammation.
  2. Decreased glucose absorption into cells and therefore an inability to make glucosamine. Glucosamine is an “amino sugar” that consists of glucose (sugar) and glutamine, an amino acid. Glucosamine helps cartilage hold water which is vital to cartilage health. 
go here to read more!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


St Louis area mom who came to a very short intro to the Tupler Technique in April, who purchased the program and completed it. In August she posted her pics for her friends to see and gave me permission to post here.
"After simply one brief demonstration by Tami, here are the results of 18 weeks of TT. I kept telling myself that I'm "all in," which in my mind had two meanings, physically moving my organs behind my transverse muscles and that I was going to make the time every day no matter what. When I started, the widest (middle) was 41", 4 fingers wide and deep. That same area is now 34", 1.5 fingers and shallow and I have a belly button! Finally my breasts and belly are not competing for going outward. The journey isn't over, but my intensive is and I will continue to keep an awareness with these precious muscles that were so kind to help me carry my babies. "

before: tupler technique - 41 inch waist
after 18 week program.  She lost 7 inches!!! = 34 inch waist


after - diastasis went from 4 fingers wide , very deep, to 1.5 fingers wide and shallow
The key to results for this mom was belief that she could and knowledge of what to do!
Don't wait to get started!