Nutrition and Healing

Before and After Pictures

Client A, twins momma.  Wanted to train to be a yoga instructor but her core was too weak despite doing yoga and being a runner, and lifting weights and working with a trainer at the gym. With her separated muscles, despite exercise, her belly was not getting smaller!
client A 4 months after starting tupler technique (one month she took off due to family health issues) and continuing with program!

This client decreased her middle diastasis from 7 finger widths to 4 finger widths in two weeks, but didn't stop there.  She stayed with it, and although she fell off the wagon for a month or two due to family health issues, she got back on and continued to transform her abs.

Client B trained with me in January 2012 and these were her results in 2 weeks!!
Before her one on one session with me
Diastasis - Waist measurement
Client B after 8 weeks.
TOP (3"above belly button): 3 fingers wide - medium 34 " around waist
Middle (at belly button): 6 fingers wide - very deep 35 "

Bottom (3"below belly button): 3 fingers wide 38 "

After 2 weeks of meeting withme and doing her Tupler Technique Exercises
TOP: 2.5 - med -shallow 30 1/4 "around waist
Middle: 5 -deep 34 "
Bottom: 1 35 1/4"
Her separation came in, especially on bottom. The depth of her separation improved significantly as well on top. She lost almost 3 inches on bottom and almost 4 inches on TOP, in just two weeks. She definitely noticed a big difference and I can't wait to see how well she does over the next 4 weeks!!
So....... amazing results in just 2 weeks!! She has 2 children, her most recent is 4 months old.
after 2 weeks and after 8 weeks  (at the 8 week piont, client had also lost 10lbs addressing her whole health)

Client C - MOM of three (including Twina)
 Before her first 1 on 1 session with me, and 2 weeks after her first 1 on1 session! ) (also trained in January 2012)

As you can see, her muscles are toning and her abdominal separation is coming together as her recti start to support her organs better. A phenominal difference for just two weeks of doing the Tupler Technique exercises!
Diastasis Before Waist Measurement
Top: 3 finger widths - shallow 28.5"
Middle: 4.5 - deep -  31
Bottom: 1 3/4 - med depth 30

Diastasis After 2 weeks Waist after 2 weeks
Top: - closed!! 27 1/4
Middle: 2 3/4 med- deep 29 1/4
Bottom: 1 med depth 30

She obviously made great progress on top - closing the gap in 2 weeks, great progress in the middle as well and lost over and inch on top and 2 in the middle!!
This client has 3 children - with the last two being twins (1.5 yrs old)


Her Story:
"I have one 3 y.o. girl who was 4lbs 14 oz, c section. I've been told I have diastasis recti.  I'm have a small build with a large abdomen. I have to wear big blousy shirts so people won't constantly ask me if I'm pregnant. I actually had a large abdomen prior to getting pathology."
 Day 1 (above), Day 14 (below)






Week 1

Week 4

From her chart, you can see she lost 3 inches at the belly button, and from the pictures, you can see in two weeks, her outtie went to a innie!
 Day 1 (above),  Day 15 (below)

She writes after attending my workshop:


Thank you for a life changing experience!

God Bless You,


Client B is 39 years old and has three children ages 7, 4 and 2.
Day 1 (above), Week 4 (below)

Her story:
"I have been doing ab exercises (tracey anderson being the latest one) and while the rest of me tones up great my stomach has been getting worse and worse.  Coupled with this I have been having terrible back problems.   I have a feeling that the root cause of my misalignment is my diastisis.    Read more about her here.

As you can see, she had awesome results in her first 4 weeks of the program.

Client SR






Week 1





Week 4



Her gap did not seem wide to begin with, but it was signifigant for her. With the tupler techniqe exercises, she lost 4 inches at the belly button in 4 weeks.  She lost 2.5 off the top abs and 2 inches off the bottom.

CLIENT F----------------------------------2 week results!!

She went from a 3 fingerwidth deep diastasis on top to .5 fingerwidths and shallow.  In the. Middle she went from 5.5 -6 very deep , to 2.5 deep, and on bottom she went from 2 deep to .5 shallow.  She came in at least two inches on top and 1 in the middle and 1 on bottom!

She is quite emotional and excited there is already a change for the better as this has affected many aspects of her life. Read more