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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to check for a diastasis recti

Do you have a diastasis?
Are your abdominals separated making your belly look bigger than it should?
Making your back ache because it is weak?
Making you pregnancy seem current instead of something past?
Making you show sooner and more this pregnancy?

Watch the Dec 5th press release video here, and learn how to check yourself for a diastasis!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Check Your Belly Before you Wreck Your Belly!!

I am SUPER EXCITED TO Announce: Check Your Belly Before You Wreck Your Belly TM

- Press Briefing in NYC will be live and streamed from on Monday, December 5, 1:00pm ET -
New York, NY, December 2, 2011 – Just in time for the 2012 New Year, Tupler Inc. today launches the “Check Your Belly Before You Wreck Your Belly” global public service announcement to ask that everyone check their bellies for a diastasis, a separation of the outermost abdominal muscles, before starting any new workout regimen. This announcement includes a live press briefing from Union Square, New York City, that will be streamed from on Monday, December 5, 1:00pm ET.

“When your belly gets worse or won’t go away with exercise, it may not be fat. It may be your organs sticking out,” said Julie Tupler, RN, the creator of the Tupler Technique® and President of Tupler Inc. “Checking your belly for a diastasis before starting your New Year’s fitness resolution may be one of the smartest things you can do for yourself because it may help stop you from wrecking your belly. At our press briefing on Monday, we will show you how to check your belly for a diastasis. If you know you have a diastasis, then there are certain exercises to avoid because these exercises may make the belly even bigger. When the abdominal muscles separate the connective tissue stretches sideways and becomes weaker. When you do planks and crunches, you are creating intra-abdominal pressure that pushes against the connective tissue. This force makes the separation larger. Trauma to this abdominal connective tissue can tear it away from the muscle and cause a ventral hernia.”

She continued, “As part of our Check Your Belly Before You Wreck Your Belly Campaign, we have created new easy-to-use informational materials to make it easier for women, men, and children to check their bellies for a diastasis and understand the dangers of unchecked bellies. I’ve personally signed a “Nurse’s Note” that you can download on Monday from and give to your fitness professional or child’s gym teacher to be excused from doing planks or crunches.”

A protruding belly in women, men, and children may be a sign of diastasis, a condition where the outer abdominal muscles separate. The Tupler Technique® created by Julie Tupler, RN, is the only evidence- and research-based exercise program available for EveryBelly® and can heal
diastasis for any belly. For more information about the Tupler Technique®, its products and

programs, please visit the website at

As part of this campaign I am holding FREE bellychecks in Baltimore on Tues Jan 17th and Thurs Jan 24h at Soft and Cozy Baby- see previous post. Please RSVP 708 466 7237 or

Contact me for private training, and stay tuned for classes to be offered in Baltimore starting in January!!