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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twins Momma healing her diastasis!

HI everyone!!  I have broken my 5ht metacarpal and my typing skills are waining, but its my left nad so the belly check this Thursday is on!!  Please RSVP

at Supreme sports in columbia, in the party room

This Thursday Aug 16th  7 - 8pm and next Thursday 7pm

I wish I had time to post more of these stories of awesome clients I am working with.  This client had twins a little less than 2 years ago and felt that she couldn't quite get that abdominal strength back.  She runs quite a bit and does yoga, but could tell she didn't have the core strength she needed. These are her before and after training with me for 2 weeks pictures.

after tupler technique - rock solid abs
This is the same client after a few months of doing the tupler technique!!!

I LOVE my job, sharing this with and empowering women!

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