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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The new year is almost here,
 Strong, Toned, and Tighter abs are near!

Do you have a diastasis?
This could be the missing piece of the puzzle for you!

  • Is your belly not getting better with exercise?
  • Is it getting worse?
  • Is your back hurting because of a weak core?
  • Are your abs not bouncing back after pregnancy?
Get your Belly checked!

Complimentary Belly Check at Supreme Sports in Columbia, Maryland Thursday January 3rd at 7pm

Please RSVP for a spot

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi all you local people out there.  
I have a request from a couple of people to hold another Eldersburg Diastasis Rehab EveryBelly class.
Whether you have a diastasis or want to increase your core strength, lose inches in your waist, reduce back pain or e, all of the above, then this class is for you.

We will be helping you close your diastasis by teaching you the Tupler Technique.  Closing a diastasis is all about bringing the stomach muscles back together (whether they are separated from exercise or from being pregnant) is all about healing the connective tissue that has been stretched out and strengthening your muscles in a more together position.

Make a BIG difference in 6 weeks.

Tupler Technique
It is a 4 step program:
1: do the exercises
2: avoid stress on the connective tissue by USING your travsverse!!
3: wear the splint (it will bring the muscles closer together while you strengthen them)
4. get in/out of bed correctly (do not jacknife - puts TONS of pressure on your diastasis)

Eldersburg workshop - yay!! Location (to be announced upon registration)
Fee: $110  (yay, no facility overhead and no travel for me :))  - will be less if we reach class size of 8 people.

November Workshop: (includes all three days of class)
Day 1:  Monday Nov 5th 2012 (7:30 - 9:30pm)
Day 2:  Monday Nov 19 th 2012 (7:30 - 9:00pm)
Final Day:  Monday Dec 3rd (7:30-9:00pm)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twins Momma healing her diastasis!

HI everyone!!  I have broken my 5ht metacarpal and my typing skills are waining, but its my left nad so the belly check this Thursday is on!!  Please RSVP

at Supreme sports in columbia, in the party room

This Thursday Aug 16th  7 - 8pm and next Thursday 7pm

I wish I had time to post more of these stories of awesome clients I am working with.  This client had twins a little less than 2 years ago and felt that she couldn't quite get that abdominal strength back.  She runs quite a bit and does yoga, but could tell she didn't have the core strength she needed. These are her before and after training with me for 2 weeks pictures.

after tupler technique - rock solid abs
This is the same client after a few months of doing the tupler technique!!!

I LOVE my job, sharing this with and empowering women!
Do You need your belly checked?
Is your core not how you want it to be?  Do you know what exercises to do to help your belly. Have ab work like isanity and Jillia Michaels Shred not given you the results you wanted and even possibly made it worse??
Come Get your belly checked or sign up for our diastasis workshop, and make a change!! 

FREE BELLY CHECK Thursday at Supreme Sports  in Columbia MD at 7pm in the party room.


Diastasis Recti before and after pictures UPDATED
This mom of 20 mos twins and a 3 1/2 yr old - has been doing the program now for six weeks.  She averages about 7 - 9 sets of 100 Tupler contractions (splinted) a day - (before she was doing 5 sets). She is gaining muscles tone and her muscles are holding in her organs better which helped her decrease her waist size re-giving her flatter abdominals and a healthy strong appearance! 

Diastasis:                 Waist
T:  3 shallow             28.5
M: 4.5 deep             31
B: 1.75 med             30

Diastasis ( finger widths)         Waist
T: closed                                 26"
M: 2 medium, shallow depth    28 "
B1 med shallow                      30 "

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My journey after baby # 3

Closing the GAP

After reading   this post  who knew how this would turn out.
But then, in this post, I was proving to redeem myself in closing my diastasis to a 2 or 3 , then keeping it at bay during pregnancy, story here and showing less in my third pregnancy than my first!

Soooo... here is the REST of the story:

Day 1: about 30 minutes atfter giving birth to Kinley, my doula
 and I watched as my abdomen deflated and indented in above the uterus but we could see the lower abdomen stayed solid.  I started splinting my abdominal muscles later that day with an old stretched out splint.  It didn't give much support, but I felt something was better than nothing as my abdominals were in an unsupported stretched out state.

Day 2: 24 hours after giving birth, I was doing the Tupler Contractions exercises and felt I was actually getting good abdominal activation.  The muscle memory was doing its thing and finally was all the way connecting.

 I read in one of my pieces o midwife literature about how lying on your stomach can help your uterus contract.  I didn't need someone to tell me twice.  I took a couple of naps that day on my belly and it felt so indulging and amazing, a treat after being VERY pregnant the last few months.

Note: All diastasis measurements were taken as fingerwidths wide.   Connective tissue condition is sometimes noted - deep being the worst - which means you can feel abdominal organs, tissue, pulsing ect

Day 4: I took measurements at home:
Diastasis:                                                       Waist measurements
  • Top:  5 (fingerwidths wide)                
  • Middle: 7                                            33 inches around waist at the belly button
  • Bottom: 5

Day 8
  • Top: 2 shallow                                     30 (just under the ribs)  
  • Middle:  6 med/shallow                        31.25
  • Bottom: 5 shallow                                34

2 weeks post baby #3   2-5-4

Day 13
  • Top: 2 shallow                                     30 (just under the ribs)  
  • Middle:  5 med/shallow                        31.25
  • Bottom: 4 shallow                                33.5
Day 18
  • Top: 2  very shallow                             29 (just under the ribs)  
  • Middle:  5 med/shallow                        29.25
  • Bottom: 4 shallow                               32
Da y23
  • Top: 2  very shallow                             28.5 (just under the ribs)  
  • Middle:  4.5 med/shallow                     29.25
  • Bottom:  very shallow                           31.5
Week 5 - day 35
  • Top: 2  very shallow                             28 
  • Middle:  4.5 med/shallow                     28.5
  • Bottom:  very shallow                           31.5

 Week 12
  • Top: closed                                          27.5 (just under the ribs)  
  • Middle:  2 shallow                                27.5
  • Bottom:  1 shallow                               30
Week 16
  • Top: closed                                          27  (just under the ribs)  
  • Mid: width of belly button shallow       26.5                    
  • Bottom:  .75 supershallow                     30
 Through this process I didn't really lose weight.  Initially I did, by giving birth and then losing extra water weight ect.  But then I just stayed right in the same poundage for those 4 months.  I was just expecting those extra 8 pounds to just come off with nursing and eating well.

Well, I had to cut out snacking at night and sweet things ( I was only eating slightly sweetened with honey ect anyway, but it too had to go) it was not fun.  I slowly lost those pounds, but I still have to be careful about what I eat, but it is good to feel comfortable in your old clothes again.

So... In conclusion, I started my pregnancy with a diastasis width of 5 (due to doing push-ups and planks with relaxin in my body).   Three weeks later, I decreased it to a 2.  At the end of my pregnancy I was about a 7, but not more than medium or shallow depth.

I did 10 sets of 100 seated Tupler contractions a day(many of those double-splinted), did not jack-knife in/out of bed, wore a therapuetic Tupler abdominal splint.  As a result this pregnancy, I was smaller around the middle than my last pregnancy, and I was able to close my diastasias sooner and Reclaim my abdominals!

LOVE the results this technique will give you if you commit to the program. I DON't find it fair that my husband did NO abwork during this time :)   That's okay, I am just glad that there is something I can do to to regain my core strength and shape post baby (s).

But guess what!  You DON'T have to have just had a baby to lose that tummy.  In fact it probably is easier to close when relaxin is not in your body.  So barely post baby, or 40 years post baby, get started today!
Get the video, take a class, fit this technique into your life-style, GET RESULTS!

Signing off - to go spy on my baby while she sleeps soundly - LOve that!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CHECK YOUR BELLY BEFORE YOU WRECK YOUR BELLY is back 2 more times before summer!!!

If you want a flat tummy this summer - make sure you check your belly for a diastasis, as conventional abdominal exercises, crunches, planks, pilates v-sits will make it worse!!  Not cool, right?

Come get your belly checked for FREE  at
Supreme Sports Club
7080 Deepage Drive 
 Columbia, MD 21045

Saturday May 12th and Saturday May 19th   1-2pm

We will be in the yoga/pilates room

RSVP by following this blog, liking Reclaimyourcore on twitter and/or facebook and then comment
about it and leave your email, so I can confirm, or email  me at


Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am over 47 , what's wrong with my belly? Is there hope?

This client contacted me after she had been doing the program for about 4 weeks. She had no licensed Tupler Technique providers anywhere near her, but would into Baltimore for work.  She asked if we could meet up, so I could officially check her diastasis and help her on her journey. 
She has 2 children (ages 12 and 14) and is in her mid 40's.

Here is her self told story.

I don’t know where to begin and will try hard not to ramble.
I have been on an approximate 8-year quest to determine what is “wrong” with me, my belly to be specific. I’m 47, 5’4”, 124 lbs. (would love to be 120, ideally), with my husband almost 30 yrs. and my daughters are 14 and almost 13. I work out (circuit training, Pilates, Body Pump) & walk religiously, able to build great looking arms, legs….mid-section always looked distended, like a beach ball. I could not figure out why as I’ve always had a thin athletic build, no reason that I still shouldn’t, right? Modified my diet, did more crunches, etc. to no avail. My belly button looked (actually still does) like it has an eyelid that’s half closed. Also, if I bent or moved the wrong way, it felt like a little fist would pop out from under my right rib and I had to push it back in…freaked me out whenever it happened. I used to joke that one of my organs was popping out (the irony sets in later). Had an umbilical hernia repaired
in May 2010, hoping that that would improve the appearance of the belly button and the beach ball…no luck.

Neither my primary, GYN, personal trainer, nor general surgeon ever suggested a diastasis recti. My guess is because they don’t know about it. I saw a plastic surgeon twice, considering a tummy tuck. He didn’t mention diastasis either. My obsession with my abdomen had literally consumed my every waking moment, I felt I was at the end of my rope, thinking there was nothing else for me to research or google, etc. Ultimately, I couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money, go thru the recovery process (no patience to be down that long), or have the unsightly scar from hip to hip.

Fast forward to Oct. 2011. I started seeing a naturopath, taking some supplements, modified the diet some more, got the hormones balanced, feeling pretty good. At my 4th colonic with her, I was lamenting about my belly (again). She’s also a midwife and friend of my good friend who is a labor & delivery RN. She’s feeling around my belly and mentioned that my muscles felt separated & mushy. Good, I wasn’t the only one who thought so, so maybe I wasn’t crazy after all.

I got home after that appt. and was relaying the experience to my friend, the L&D nurse. Within minutes, she had googled diastasis recti. I heard trumpets from the heavens! For the next 2 days, I was searching everything I could find on this, read that umbilical hernia’s are a result of a diastasis, the abs actually are separated, and (holy cow), it probably was an organ popping out from under my rib when I bent/moved the wrong way! I discovered the Tupler Technique, ordered the program, and am about to start Week 4 tomorrow, 3/7.
I cannot tell you the sheer joy that I felt after reading up on this condition; a few of the before photos that I saw looked exactly like me! I actually cried tears of joy, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off of me. Then, I cried sad & mad tears because I had spent 8 yrs. of my life thinking I was not able to get in shape, crazy, or just plain vain; I just couldn’t buy into the notion that this puffy belly was something I had to deal with because I was a woman, a mom,
over 45, blah, blah, blah.
This condition/remedy is/will be life-changing for me, it’s so awesome.

When we met up, we checked her diastasis, sure enough, she still had a muscle separation. We looked at how she was doing the exercises. I helped her with tweaking her technique and showed her different ways to get more muscle activation and muscle approximation with the exercises. We worked on isolating and activating the lower abdominals,
with splinting and with her technique on the headlifts.

She has continued to progress, losing 1 more inch in her lower waist. And all this progress is in just six weeks. I am confident she will keep progressing as she continues with the tupler technique 4 step program:

1) the basic exercises: elevator, contractions, headlifts
2) wearing the splint ALL the time
3) holding the transverse "in" on all the work that you do
4) getting in/out of bed correctly
She has graced us with some awesome before/after pics along her journey

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Healing a hernia without surgery

Is it possible to heal a hernia without surgery?  That is what I am challenging and expecting some of my recent clients to do!

This is one of my clients who is a personal trainer and trains men and women and gets awesome results with her clients, is very fit, and a mom of 3 children age 4 and under.  She had a hernia above the belly button 4cm wide and 3 cm tall.  One week after training with me, doing the exercises and avoiding any sit-up type movements and avoiding most exercises on all 4's, she made quite a bit of progress on  that hernia and quite a visual difference in her abdominals!  Her hernia, barely measurable, was 3 cm tall, 3.5 cm wide and much l

                                              before                               after 1 week
notice the difference inher belly button, it went from a "protruding hernia" look to an innie!

                                             Before                                   After
Notic the protrusion above the belly button which is barely there in the after picture!

Before: her diasiasis wasTop: 3, Middle: 2.75, Bottom: 1.75  Waist: 31.5,    33,      32.75
After 1 week:                T:     2, M:        2.5,   B             .75  Waist: 30.5,    31,      32.5

That's a 2 inche loss from around the middle at the belly button in one week, yes, one week, and 1 inch from  just under the ribs.  Not bad!
I can't wait to see the rest of her progress as well!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Treating Hernia's with the Tupler Technique

A few of my recent clients have hernia's, so I will post their progress. I had a client this summer (she had 3 children, last two were 18 mos old twins) who had a small umbilical hernia and after the first time she trained with me, reported her hernia went in and stayed in within two days of completing her exercises and wearing her splint. I regret not taking before and after pictures.

I have a current client who has done the program for six weeks. She had a hernia as well, and now the opening at her belly button is closed except 1/2 or 1/4 of a finger tip area. Her organs were completely easy to palpate above and especially below the umbilicus and now, only muscle is felt with light palpation.

Another current client, who did the exercises for 1 week and was able to decrease the diameter vertically and horizontally by 1/3, depth by roughly 1/2, and the appearance of the hernia completely changed. You could visually see it when she lied on her back, but now you cannot. she is a personal trainer and had to alter her way of training, cutting out any exercises in which she could not keep her transverse "in" at the 5th floor (belly button to her spine) and did 5 or more sets of Tupler contractions a day last week.

I currently have another client, who was scheduled for surgery last week, and was going to see me afterwards to strengthen her core. I suggested she try the Tupler Technique first, before going under the knife and having a whole new set of issues to deal with. Even if she is not able to heal her hernia, she would know how to use her core correctly and avoid undoing the surgery. I will keep you posted with her results!! She lives two hours away, so I am skyping her inbetween visits here, and will see her again in a few weeks.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't look to surgery first for Hernia's!!

There is hope for Umbilical Hernias!!!

A post from Julie Tupler's belly blog:

Hernia's are and can be a side effect for the diastasis recti!!

If you have an umbilical hernia, more than likely you have a diastasis recti (separation of the outermost abdominal muscles). If you have surgery for the umbilical hernia, but don’t close the diastasis recti, there is a good chance your hernia repair will not last!

Closing a diastasis recti is all about healing the connective tissue. When you heal the connective tissue with the research-based Tupler Technique® Program, you bring support to the umbilicus. You will see your belly button go from an outie to an innie! You will also get a flatter belly because your muscles (not connective tissue) will be supporting your organs.

Healing connective tissue is not an overnight process. This program takes time, effort and a commitment to doing all 4 steps of the program for a minimum of at least 18 weeks.

If you decide to go the surgery route for whatever reason, it is still important to do this program to “prepare” for the surgery. This program will strengthen your abdominal muscles before surgery, teach you how to use them correctly and prepare you for the activities you will be doing during the recovery process. As a result, you will be able to maintain the integrity of the sutures so your surgery will last.

So the bottom line is….you have nothing to lose by doing the Tupler Technique® Program. Chances are if you are really diligent about doing this program you will close your diastasis and fix your umbilical hernia. If not, you will have a better outcome for your surgery.

upcoming...... results from current clients who have or did have hernia's - with pictures!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baltimore workshops this Tuesday

Baltimore workshop is coming up in 5 days, and there are still spots, so register NOW!!!

Diet and exercise not helping your belly go away? Your muscles may be separated and may be the culprit. Learn to close your diastasis now, strengthen your core and get your belly back!

Workshop dates:
Tues Feb 28th 7-9:30
Tues March 13th 7-9:00
Tues April 10th 7-8:30

Pre and post partum welcome - does not matter how long ago you had a baby!

At Soft and Cozy Baby - they just relocated to: 915 W 36th St Baltimore, MD 21211
Register: Email or contact Tami Huber:(708) 466-7237•Advanced registration is required. No day of admission. COST: $150 for entire 6 week workshop (in 3 classes). Limited to 20 participants, minimum 6

Friday, February 3, 2012

Common Questions

Q:What if I had a children a long time ago, can I still benefit from this technique?
A: Absolutely. It doesn't matter how long ago your diastasis was created, you can still make significant improvement in your diastasis and waistline as you heal it.

Q: How long will it take to heal my diastasis?
A: Healing time is very individual and depends on the:
1: depth and width of the diastasis ( a diastasis that is deeper with weak connective tissue will take longer to heal - than a wide one with shallower connective tissue)
2: Commitment to the 4 step program of the Tupler Technique
Most people will notice a difference in less than 3 weeks and a significant improvement in 6 weeks as they start to heal their diastasis.

Q: My core and back are weak, will I still benefit from this technique if I don't have a diastasis? Or I have a belly, but I don't know if its caused by a diastasis, will this still help?
A: Yes. Most people that have a diastasis are not aware of it and its symptoms, and all will benefit from the inward motion of these exercises increasing their core strength and organ support and decreasing back pain.

Q: Can I do crunches, v-sits, pilates 100 again after I close my diastasis?
A: NO!!! It is physically impossible to hold the belly button to the spine with these exercises. Only do exercises in wich you can work the core correctly ad hold the belly button to the spine. These exercises create a forward forceful movement at the belly button, which will re-create your diastasis and increase belly bulge!

Q: Will this technique help with low back pain, o?
A: Yes, it will help with back pain because the recti muscles are important for back support and cannot fully do their job when separated. When you engage the transverse you are strengthening five muscles in one, the transvere, the obliques, recti, pelvic floor, and multifudi (muscles along spine), and when you strengthen these, you take pressure off your back joints.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Diastasis recti before and after pics - 2 week progress

I finally have organized some of my photos so I can show the awesome recent progress of some of my clients here in the D.C and Baltimore areas!

Client A trained with me in January 2012 and these were her results in 2 weeks!!
Before her one on one session with me
Diastasis - Waist measurement
TOP (3"above belly button): 3 fingers wide - medium 34 " around waist
Middle (at belly button): 6 fingers wide - very deep 35 "
Bottom (3"below belly button): 3 fingers wide 38 "

After 2 weeks of doing the Tupler Exercises
TOP: 2.5 - med -shallow 30 1/4 "around waist
Middle: 5 -deep 34 "
Bottom: 1 35 1/4"

Her separation came in, especially on bottom. The depth of her separation improved significantly as well on top. She lost almost 3 inches on bottom and almost 4 inches on TOP, in just two weeks. She definitely noticed a big difference and I can't wait to see how well she does over the next 4 weeks!!
So....... amazing results in just 2 weeks!! She has 2 children, her most recent is 4 months old.

Client B - Before her first 1 on 1 session with me, and 2 weeks after her first 1 on1 session! ) (also trained in January 2012)

As you can see, her muscles are toning and her abdominal separation is coming together as her recti start to support her organs better. A phenominal difference for just two weeks of doing the Tupler Technique exercises!
Diastasis Before Waist Measurement
Top: 3 finger widths - shallow 28.5"
Middle: 4.5 - deep - 31
Bottom: 1 3/4 - med depth 30

Diastasis After 2 weeks Waist after 2 weeks
Top: - closed!! 27 1/4
Middle: 2 3/4 med- deep 29 1/4
Bottom: 1 med depth 30

She obviously made great progress on top - closing the gap in 2 weeks, great progress i the middle as well and lost over and inch on top and 2 in the middle!!
This client has 3 children - with the last two being twins (1.5 yrs old)
Hopefully I will have updates on these clients soon!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


First ever Baltimore Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy® Workshop!!!

Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy®
Class 1: February 28, 2012 (7:00pm - 9:30pm)
Class 2: March 13, 2012 (7:00pm - 9:00pm)
Class 3: April 10, 2012 (7:00pm - 8:30pm)

Held at Soft and Cozy Baby's New Location

915 W 36th St Baltimore, MD 21211
(410) 446-4525


This program is 6 weeks in length: 6.5 hours of instruction broken up into 3 sessions

Learn what a diastasis is and how it creates the “Mummy Tummy”

You will be given a strategy to meet individual abdominal needs, based on your diastasis

Weekly check-ins, updates, and motivation from your instructor, access to your instructor via email, phone, text, and skype


Basic anatomy of the abdominals

How to:

Close the diastasis, flatten the belly, and shrink the waistline

Splint the abdominals to approximate the two halves of the recti together

Perform B.A.K.S. exercises properly – the Tupler Technique® foundation

Get up and down correctly

Each person will be measured for a diastasis in 3 different areas, and receive a personalized assessment for fastest results during the first class, follow up measurement at the last class.

•Advanced registration is required. No day of admission. COST: $150 for entire 6 week workshop (in 3 classes).

Limited to 20 participants, minimum 6. ( to register Email or contact Tami Huber: (708) 466-7237 ).

dvanced registration is required. No day of admission. COST: $150 for entire 6 week workshop (in 3 classes).
mited to 20 participants, minimum 6. ( to register Email or contact Tami Huber: (708) 466-7237


Whether you had a baby 3 days or 30 years ago, learn to get your pre-pregnancy midsection back! During pregnancy, your stomach muscles split, which is called a diastasis. These split muscles DO NOT come back together on their own.

A diastasis is what causes the not flat, slightly protruding, not-quite-right look of your tummy, a thicker waistline, back problems, and even belly button issues! Learn how to fuse these muscles back together (or keep splitting to a minimum during pregnanc), tone specific abdominal, postural, and glute muscles, correct your posture, and shrink your waistline. Specifically and uniquely designed abdominal workouts combined with upper and lower body sculpting exercises will be incorporated. Great for Pregnant women as well as Pre & Postnatal women. This method has been given the thumbs up by Dr. OZ.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Why splint?? How to apply the diastasis rehab splint.

The diastasis rehab splint: is it necessary???
If your diastasis is 3 fingers or more, you will definitely want to wear a splint! This will help approximate the two sides of the rectus abdominus, putting the connective tissue in a better position to heal and make your exercises even more effective and help you to heal and close the gap much faster. The muscles will also be stronger and you will get more out of your exercises if you wear it.

This video will help you know how to put it on correctly and help you problem solve if you have been wearing the splint, but having some trouble with it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

1 more magazine article

Check it before you wreck it!

go to

to check out this article. You may want to check yourself for a diastasis before you start your new years exercises regimen! Don't make it worse, find out what it takes to make it better!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Diastasis training before and after Pics





Before pics taken 7/28/2011
top : closed
middle: 3 fingerwidths wide
bottom: 1 fingerwidth
waist at the belly button: 31 3/4”.

J's After PICS taken9/8/2011 -
9 months postpartum - c-section #4
Top : closed
Middle: 1
Lower: closed
Waist at the belly button: 28 inches

J lost nearly 4 inches in 6 weeks just by doing the Tupler Technique! Her weight stayed nearly the same(she said she went down 2 lbs) - but the dramatic results of her waistline change were apparent to everyone, as everyone noticed! She said her abdominals were never like this and that she was probably one who had a diastasis even before having children.
Since then, I have seen her and she has lost 1 more inch from her waistline.

Remember this NEW YEAR. Check Your Belly Before you Wreck Your Belly!

There is a correction in the belly check dates:
They will be Thursday January 19th 4:30 - 6pm
Tuesday Jan 24th 4:30 - 6pm

Please RSVP for a spot!

"When your belly gets worse or won't go away with exercise, it may not be fat. It may be your organs sticking out," said Julie Tupler, RN, the creator of the Tupler Technique® and President of Tupler Inc. "Checking your belly for a diastasis before starting your New Year's fitness resolution may be one of the smartest things you can do for yourself because it may help stop you from wrecking your belly. At our press briefing on Monday, we will show you how to check your belly for a diastasis. If you know you have a diastasis, then there are certain exercises to avoid because these exercises may make the belly even bigger. When the abdominal muscles separate the connective tissue stretches sideways and becomes weaker. When you do planks and crunches, you are creating intra-abdominal pressure that pushes against the connective tissue. This force makes the separation larger. Trauma to this abdominal connective tissue can tear it away from the muscle and cause a ventral hernia."

Come to
Soft and Cozy Baby
3610 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD
to find out