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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Diastasis recti before and after pics - 2 week progress

I finally have organized some of my photos so I can show the awesome recent progress of some of my clients here in the D.C and Baltimore areas!

Client A trained with me in January 2012 and these were her results in 2 weeks!!
Before her one on one session with me
Diastasis - Waist measurement
TOP (3"above belly button): 3 fingers wide - medium 34 " around waist
Middle (at belly button): 6 fingers wide - very deep 35 "
Bottom (3"below belly button): 3 fingers wide 38 "

After 2 weeks of doing the Tupler Exercises
TOP: 2.5 - med -shallow 30 1/4 "around waist
Middle: 5 -deep 34 "
Bottom: 1 35 1/4"

Her separation came in, especially on bottom. The depth of her separation improved significantly as well on top. She lost almost 3 inches on bottom and almost 4 inches on TOP, in just two weeks. She definitely noticed a big difference and I can't wait to see how well she does over the next 4 weeks!!
So....... amazing results in just 2 weeks!! She has 2 children, her most recent is 4 months old.

Client B - Before her first 1 on 1 session with me, and 2 weeks after her first 1 on1 session! ) (also trained in January 2012)

As you can see, her muscles are toning and her abdominal separation is coming together as her recti start to support her organs better. A phenominal difference for just two weeks of doing the Tupler Technique exercises!
Diastasis Before Waist Measurement
Top: 3 finger widths - shallow 28.5"
Middle: 4.5 - deep - 31
Bottom: 1 3/4 - med depth 30

Diastasis After 2 weeks Waist after 2 weeks
Top: - closed!! 27 1/4
Middle: 2 3/4 med- deep 29 1/4
Bottom: 1 med depth 30

She obviously made great progress on top - closing the gap in 2 weeks, great progress i the middle as well and lost over and inch on top and 2 in the middle!!
This client has 3 children - with the last two being twins (1.5 yrs old)
Hopefully I will have updates on these clients soon!


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