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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Healing a hernia without surgery

Is it possible to heal a hernia without surgery?  That is what I am challenging and expecting some of my recent clients to do!

This is one of my clients who is a personal trainer and trains men and women and gets awesome results with her clients, is very fit, and a mom of 3 children age 4 and under.  She had a hernia above the belly button 4cm wide and 3 cm tall.  One week after training with me, doing the exercises and avoiding any sit-up type movements and avoiding most exercises on all 4's, she made quite a bit of progress on  that hernia and quite a visual difference in her abdominals!  Her hernia, barely measurable, was 3 cm tall, 3.5 cm wide and much l

                                              before                               after 1 week
notice the difference inher belly button, it went from a "protruding hernia" look to an innie!

                                             Before                                   After
Notic the protrusion above the belly button which is barely there in the after picture!

Before: her diasiasis wasTop: 3, Middle: 2.75, Bottom: 1.75  Waist: 31.5,    33,      32.75
After 1 week:                T:     2, M:        2.5,   B             .75  Waist: 30.5,    31,      32.5

That's a 2 inche loss from around the middle at the belly button in one week, yes, one week, and 1 inch from  just under the ribs.  Not bad!
I can't wait to see the rest of her progress as well!


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