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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twins Momma healing her diastasis!

HI everyone!!  I have broken my 5ht metacarpal and my typing skills are waining, but its my left nad so the belly check this Thursday is on!!  Please RSVP

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I wish I had time to post more of these stories of awesome clients I am working with.  This client had twins a little less than 2 years ago and felt that she couldn't quite get that abdominal strength back.  She runs quite a bit and does yoga, but could tell she didn't have the core strength she needed. These are her before and after training with me for 2 weeks pictures.

after tupler technique - rock solid abs
This is the same client after a few months of doing the tupler technique!!!

I LOVE my job, sharing this with and empowering women!
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Diastasis Recti before and after pictures UPDATED
This mom of 20 mos twins and a 3 1/2 yr old - has been doing the program now for six weeks.  She averages about 7 - 9 sets of 100 Tupler contractions (splinted) a day - (before she was doing 5 sets). She is gaining muscles tone and her muscles are holding in her organs better which helped her decrease her waist size re-giving her flatter abdominals and a healthy strong appearance! 

Diastasis:                 Waist
T:  3 shallow             28.5
M: 4.5 deep             31
B: 1.75 med             30

Diastasis ( finger widths)         Waist
T: closed                                 26"
M: 2 medium, shallow depth    28 "
B1 med shallow                      30 "