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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Announcing our First Workshop here in Maryland!!!

What do we do and learn at the workshops?

What do we do and learn at the workshops?

· This program is 6 weeks in length: 6.5 hours of instruction broken up into 3 sessions
· Learn what a diastasis is and how it creates the “Mummy Tummy”
· You will be given a strategy to meet individual abdominal needs, based on your diastasis
· Weekly check-ins, updates, and motivation from your instructor
· Unlimited access to your instructor via email, phone, text, and skype
· Basic anatomy of the abdominals
· How to:
1. Close the diastasis, flatten the belly, and shrink the waistline
2. Splint the abdominals to approximate the two halves of the recti together
3. Perform B.A.K.S. exercises properly – the Tupler Technique® foundation
4. Get up and down correctly
**Each person will be measured for a diastasis in 3 different areas, and receive a personalized assessment for fastest results during the first class, and a follow up measurement at the last class to check progress

at . Veronica’s Catholic Church 3460 Centreville Road, Chantilly, VA 20151

This workshop is offered at a discount AND 1/4 of the proceeds will go directly to the Divine Mercy Care center to help women who are in need of healthcare.
go tohelp women who are in need of healthcare.
go to for more info about this silent auction fundraiser.

Workshop can be purchased at the GALA or you can contact me if you are interested in a spot, and I will make sure 1/4 of the fee is payed towards this fudraisor.

Monday, September 19, 2011

For The Mommas!!!

FOR the Mommas!!!! I have recently used this blogsite for a bit of couponing help here in the foreign (to me) state of Maryland. But, this is not couponing I am talking about.
I am talking about losing that mommy pooch, strengthening pregnant and post-pregnant abs, healing the separation of the rectus abdominals that happens due to pregnancy, incorrect exercising, or due to your genes (thats right, guys can get this too!)

Its just that almost ALL women who have been pregnant get this separation, and.... it tends to get worse with each pregnancy!!!! How fair is that, may I ask???? Not at all!!!

But, the good news is this BLOG has something For the Mammas! Help to bring that separation back together, trim inches off the waistline, reduce back pain, strengthen the abs and feel good doing it.

I have just moved to Sykesville, MD - a little place in Carroll County, next to Howard County East of Baltimore and a bit over an hour outside of D.C

So, I am offering private training session in the Baltimore and D.C. areas to teach you how to bring those ABs back together, heal your diastasis, avoid surgery, or complement surgery (avoid undoing surgery), and reclaim your waistline!

If you are anywhere CLOSE to me, but still want me to help train you to heal your diastasis, you can SKYPE me from anywhere in the us or the world!

Contact me at
708 466 7237