Nutrition and Healing

Thursday, September 10, 2015


St Louis area mom who came to a very short intro to the Tupler Technique in April, who purchased the program and completed it. In August she posted her pics for her friends to see and gave me permission to post here.
"After simply one brief demonstration by Tami, here are the results of 18 weeks of TT. I kept telling myself that I'm "all in," which in my mind had two meanings, physically moving my organs behind my transverse muscles and that I was going to make the time every day no matter what. When I started, the widest (middle) was 41", 4 fingers wide and deep. That same area is now 34", 1.5 fingers and shallow and I have a belly button! Finally my breasts and belly are not competing for going outward. The journey isn't over, but my intensive is and I will continue to keep an awareness with these precious muscles that were so kind to help me carry my babies. "

before: tupler technique - 41 inch waist
after 18 week program.  She lost 7 inches!!! = 34 inch waist


after - diastasis went from 4 fingers wide , very deep, to 1.5 fingers wide and shallow
The key to results for this mom was belief that she could and knowledge of what to do!
Don't wait to get started!