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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't look to surgery first for Hernia's!!

There is hope for Umbilical Hernias!!!

A post from Julie Tupler's belly blog:

Hernia's are and can be a side effect for the diastasis recti!!

If you have an umbilical hernia, more than likely you have a diastasis recti (separation of the outermost abdominal muscles). If you have surgery for the umbilical hernia, but don’t close the diastasis recti, there is a good chance your hernia repair will not last!

Closing a diastasis recti is all about healing the connective tissue. When you heal the connective tissue with the research-based Tupler Technique® Program, you bring support to the umbilicus. You will see your belly button go from an outie to an innie! You will also get a flatter belly because your muscles (not connective tissue) will be supporting your organs.

Healing connective tissue is not an overnight process. This program takes time, effort and a commitment to doing all 4 steps of the program for a minimum of at least 18 weeks.

If you decide to go the surgery route for whatever reason, it is still important to do this program to “prepare” for the surgery. This program will strengthen your abdominal muscles before surgery, teach you how to use them correctly and prepare you for the activities you will be doing during the recovery process. As a result, you will be able to maintain the integrity of the sutures so your surgery will last.

So the bottom line is….you have nothing to lose by doing the Tupler Technique® Program. Chances are if you are really diligent about doing this program you will close your diastasis and fix your umbilical hernia. If not, you will have a better outcome for your surgery.

upcoming...... results from current clients who have or did have hernia's - with pictures!

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